30 Days of Get Your Art On!

I ran across this blog post this morning from Traci Bunkers, author of The Art Journal Workshop. If you are having a difficult time setting the intention of doing art or being creative, here's a great plan.
She suggests the following guidelines.

  • Make art everyday for 30 days and post what you have done. (if you don't have a blog, you can make an album on facebook and post your art there)

  • Don't feel you have to finish what you're working on that day, just work on something.

  • Work for 30 minutes, and longer if time permits (and you're into what you're doing... let the inspiration flow!)

  • It doesn't matter what you do for the art making, as long as you work on art.

  • Don't fee guilty for taking the time to work on art and no need for justification of why you're doing it.

  • You don't have to go into detail in your post about how you do anything or what tools & materials you use (unless you want to)

Create your own guidelines, set yourself up for success, allow this time with your creative mind to be fun & inspiring.
I'm looking forward to finding what arrives at the door of my creativity. Let's welcome what comes and visit with the guests who appear. We may be surprised! Feel free to share what you're working on.


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