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Dare to Create a Summer of FUN!

~Frame a Happy Baby Photo To celebrate the beginning of summer, I've created a Bucket List of things I want to do to enjoy the hot months of June, July, August and September. Some of them are activities I found online from other bucket lists, and some are my own ideas. I don't know if I'll complete all of them and I may add a few more as I think of them. I hope you send a few of your ideas my way in the comments below.  Summer Bucket List   ~  A day at the beach - reading and body surfing   ~  Fly my kites (preferably at the beach) ~  Make a sandcastle ( at the beach...) ~  Eat crabs with butter and garlic  ~  Watch fireworks  ~  Have a picnic on a blanket ~  Sleep out under the stars ~  Sail in the Chesapeake Bay ~  Have a bonfire in the backyard ~  Make S'mores ~  Go to a carnival ~  Have a water fight ~  Photograph an amazing sunset ~  Photograph an incredible sunrise ~  Dance in the rain ~  Make friendship bra

Tell Me She Said... What Is Your WHY?

In my coaching program and in many of the books I have read about success and life purpose, the question that leads to the path of fulfillment is "What is Your WHY?" What is it that makes you get up in the morning ready to go, happy to approach the day, stoked to begin working on the projects and to-do lists of the week. For too many of us, the Monday blues are too frequent a beginning to the week. We may feel contracted and unmotivated to start a new week.  My WHY Whenever I begin a new painting or an art journal page, and I am feeling expanded and ready to paint, sketch, stamp, layer, collage... I explore my favorite books by art journal bloggers and artists, listen to inspiring music, move & stretch to open the door to imagination. I may take some photos from nature and get a feeling of being connected to the earth.  The most inspiring art journaling activities are begun when I create several different pages at a time, starting with backgrounds an

An Artsy Giveaway! Artfest 2012 Memorabilia from Jill K. Berry!

Me, Jill Berry, and Marie Kennedy at Art & Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach 2012 This is a great opportunity to get some cool art stuff from the last Artfest  held a few months ago. Jill K. Berry is giving away a   two packages chock full of Artfest Memorabilia and if you go over to her blog  you can take a peek at some of the goodies she'll be giving away. You should also check out her awesome book, Personal Geographies , and her new website ! I totally enjoyed taking her class on map making at Art & Soul back in March. 

Summah Time...

Last weekend my friends and I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine. It's a good thing to find ways to be creative and have fun in the summer on a hot afternoon! You will LOVE this recipe for afternoon drinks and cooling off. Thanks to Southern Living magazine for this one! Summah Time...   2 cups cranberry juice + 1 cup sweet tea flavored vodka + 1/2 cup lemon juice + 1 12oz can lemonlime soda. 1 kiddie pool & lawn chairs. Mix together first 4 ingredients. Pour in glass with ice. Put feet in water filled kiddie pool and sit in lawn chair. Yessssssssssssssss...