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Tasting the Sacred

Today I am reposting a previous blog entry from a few years ago.  I continue wanting to step to the edge and fly with the winds of a changing season. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Something opens our wings. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness." ~Rumi What is arriving at the door of your imagination this fall? Does the change in season bring an emerging awareness of change in yourself? A deeper understanding of self? A new passion to explore? A new relationship or a change in one you already have? A new level of closeness? As we prepare for the cooler weather and feather our nests for the winter, we may bring a gathering of internal harvest. What has shown up in your life recently that you may have not fully embraced? Too busy, too much to do, ignoring an urge, avoiding intuition... have you been afraid to come to the edge? to truly soar? Read the words by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire

On A Journey to Health

Recently I embarked on a Journey To Health - a lifestyle change that involves eating clean, more movement and better mindset. Part of the path was to earn a certificate to become a Health Coach, and integrate that with my Expressive Arts coaching practice.  So much of what we do on the path to health (or the road to disease) involves our mindset, which cannot be ignored when readjusting our eating and exercise habits. If our head isn't in the right place, all the best efforts meet with disappointment in the long run.  If we don't believe we are worthy of a healthy body and take the actions to hold ourselves in high regard, it is a short slope to return to poor eating and inactivity. As a coach, I want to share my journey with others and help to create a better way to finding truth about what we put in our bodies and how that assimilates into a healthier lifestyle.  By using words, images and purposeful thoughts, we can change our thinking and rewrite old stories abo

Featured Artist: Janine Adamo

Today I am delighted to feature Artist Janine Adamo, an intuitive acrylic painter, whose work is soulful and beautifully textured. Her work has been displayed in several Georgia galleries and recognitions include a winning piece in the John’s Creek Block Party art contest, and a featured article in the Northside Women’s Magazine. I interviewed Janine and here are the highlights: 1. How does my creative process work? I am a single mom of 2 little girls, ages 7 and 9. So by day I am a freelance graphic designer and by night I am a painter. Some days I get to paint during the day when I don’t have work to do or house work or chores. Before I start painting I like to light candles, I have an alter with candles and stones on it and my sage. I then like to sage my space, clear it of anything negative and it feels good, to start new each time I paint. I sage my space, my paint and my canvas and me of course. I then choose my paint, it depends on what layer I am on. I like to start wit