On A Journey to Health

Recently I embarked on a Journey To Health - a lifestyle change that involves eating clean, more movement and better mindset. Part of the path was to earn a certificate to become a Health Coach, and integrate that with my Expressive Arts coaching practice. 

So much of what we do on the path to health (or the road to disease) involves our mindset, which cannot be ignored when readjusting our eating and exercise habits. If our head isn't in the right place, all the best efforts meet with disappointment in the long run. 

If we don't believe we are worthy of a healthy body and take the actions to hold ourselves in high regard, it is a short slope to return to poor eating and inactivity.

As a coach, I want to share my journey with others and help to create a better way to finding truth about what we put in our bodies and how that assimilates into a healthier lifestyle. 

By using words, images and purposeful thoughts, we can change our thinking and rewrite old stories about ourselves. Here are a few of the images and art journaling entries over the past few weeks which have emerged in my Journey to Health journal.

If you'd like to walk this path with me, comment below and together let's find a way back to health and happiness! Stop by again to see more blog posts on the #journeytohealth #lifestylechange.

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Siphosith said…
Very creative, i like your journaling. Like you say I believe working on the mindset first changes whatever it is that we want to change in the physical.
This applies not only to health but to every aspect of our lives. Changing mindset does not happen over night but its a journey as you say. Thanks for sharing.
SonyaMadden said…
Your artwork is beautiful! Was the course you did IIN? I'm just starting now and I am so super excited. How did you find it?
Inspiring post! Thanks for reminding your readers how strongly our attitude guides us. You do great work-- whatever it takes to help us recognize our passion is worth it!
Minette said…
Stopping by from UBC, love your artwork and am a big fan of art journaling as a tool for creative expression and personal growth. Glad I found your blog! Love to see how you are combining expressive arts with health coaching, very cool!

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