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Nourishing Soul Juice - Feed Your Body, Grow Your Esteem

This recent article by Christiane Northrup has good advice for over-scheduled, stressed, burnt out souls - those of us who do more, nurture those around us, and find ourselves tired, overwhelmed, and under cared for.

She notes that excessive demands that go on without proper rest and food, keep our bodies on constant alert and can drain our adrenal systems. Not only that, low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of personal power further drain our reserves, adding to an already stressed system. No wonder we are tired, angry, guilty and depressed!

Read her article, "Is Low Self-Esteem Burning Out Your Adrenals?" and take action on the three things she suggests to nurture, nourish, and affirm your health and happiness.

You can also enter the drawing I am holding through tomorrow, Saturday Sept 21st: Soul Comfort: A Season of Creative Soul Care from Brave Girls Club. Melodie Ross leads us through a series of creative prompts to nurture ourselves in this upcoming seaso…

Soul Comfort - A New Class from Brave Girls Club

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Anita (you'll need to contact me with your full name and email for me to pass on to Brave Girls. 

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To the tired, the exhausted, the overstretched…here’s an invitation…

Life can be simple.What if we celebrated the brave act of….taking a break? What if simplicity,comfort, and quiet were the goal? What if there really was a way to quiet the chatter in our minds and let us recharge our body & soul? And what if it was fun, too? Introducing a new eCourse . . .
Soul Comfort is a fresh new concept using art and journaling as a means to relax and comfort yourself and to get grounded while dealin