Nourishing Soul Juice - Feed Your Body, Grow Your Esteem

This recent article by Christiane Northrup has good advice for over-scheduled, stressed, burnt out souls - those of us who do more, nurture those around us, and find ourselves tired, overwhelmed, and under cared for.

She notes that excessive demands that go on without proper rest and food, keep our bodies on constant alert and can drain our adrenal systems. Not only that, low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of personal power further drain our reserves, adding to an already stressed system. No wonder we are tired, angry, guilty and depressed!

Read her article, "Is Low Self-Esteem Burning Out Your Adrenals?" and take action on the three things she suggests to nurture, nourish, and affirm your health and happiness.

You can also enter the drawing I am holding through tomorrow, Saturday Sept 21st: Soul Comfort: A Season of Creative Soul Care from Brave Girls Club. Melodie Ross leads us through a series of creative prompts to nurture ourselves in this upcoming season of holidays when we tend to stretch ourselves even further with family commitments and celebrations.

Leave a comment on this post to be entered in the drawing and come back here on Sunday to see who will receive access to the class valued at $99!


I truly believe that stress hurts your adrenal glands. I take adrenal support.
Micki said…
It's astounding how getting enough rest and good food can reduce stress.
Barbara said…
I had gotten away from taking adrenal support. Good reminder since I tend to focus caring for others before myself. Thanks.
Penny McDaniel said…
Self-care is so important during times of stress. People don't realize what happens in the body physiologically when the body is under stress. Great article! Thanks.

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