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Painting in Progress - The 8 Day Abundant Art Show

This painting has been on my easel several times over the past few months. I can't find any photos of it from the beginning, but I started mixing paint colors and putting shapes on the canvas in January. I'm sharing this process here as part of the 8 Day Abundant Art Show for emerging artists to share their work on social media.

I was loving the shapes & contrast, bringing some elements forward and keeping some background in the layers.

Letting go of some elements and bringing in some other shapes, loving the process and not getting too attached to outcomes... not easy.

Deciding to darken some areas gave the opportunity to bring some new shapes and details in to the mix. Part of what I love about this process is the thoughts and journeys my mind takes as I mix colors, think about what shapes I want to use, how letting go allows me to listen to my instincts.

So I'm sitting with this and listening for what comes next...

Meanwhile, I just launched a new facebook page at