Dare to Create a Summer of FUN!

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To celebrate the beginning of summer, I've created a Bucket List of things I want to do to enjoy the hot months of June, July, August and September. Some of them are activities I found online from other bucket lists, and some are my own ideas. I don't know if I'll complete all of them and I may add a few more as I think of them. I hope you send a few of your ideas my way in the comments below. 

Summer Bucket List 

A day at the beach - reading and body surfing 

Fly my kites (preferably at the beach)

Make a sandcastle ( at the beach...)

Eat crabs with butter and garlic 

Watch fireworks 

Have a picnic on a blanket

Sleep out under the stars

Sail in the Chesapeake Bay

Have a bonfire in the backyard

Make S'mores

Go to a carnival

Have a water fight

Photograph an amazing sunset

Photograph an incredible sunrise

Dance in the rain

Make friendship bracelets and give them to my friends (and maybe some strangers)

Get a henna tattoo

Go to the zoo

Go on a road trip

Go to a drive in movie

Do something freaky with my hair

Ride a ferris wheel

Ride a roller coaster

~ Go on a thrift store shopping spree This is now a weekly shopping spree!

Make a wish in a fountain

Make a sparkler message photo

Have a full moon party

Go to an aquarium

Watch shooting stars

Eat ice cream

Go ziplining

Go camping

Go canoeing

Catch lightening bugs

Bury a time capsule Dug up a time capsule

Write random quotes on sticky notes and put in public places

Sell a painting

Swing from a rope swing into a lake

Shop at a Farmer's Market or a road side stand

Make homemade lemonade

Ride my bike

Create a butterfly garden

Make giant bubbles

Go to an art museum

Take lots of photos of my bucket list successes

While creating this list, I realized I was making a list of easy stuff.... It will be FUN to check off these items, and easy to do with a little planning or willing spontaneity. 

In order to grow and expand, I also have created a list of items that are more daring and a bit out of my comfort zone. Things that will stretch me both inside and out. I am also adding some elements from my coaching program, The Ultimate Game of Life. We've learned to set goals in all areas of our life. By creating the environments  that will allow us to succeed in our goals, we can more easily attain our goals with the ultimate environments in place. As one area improves and we progress, other areas open up and allow us to grow and achieve in other areas. 

So here is my Ultimate Summer Bucket List  - and I Dare You to Create one for yourself too!

Some new additions:

Decorate a room in a color I've never used before. I'm thinking turquoise.

Create a "masterpiece" of art - really stretch myself artistically.

Go skinny dipping in the middle of the night (okay, so this is a repeat, but its still a bit daring and summer isn't complete til you've been skinny dipping)

Tithe 10% of my income over the summer (and longer!)

Spend an hour outdoors at least 3 days a week only for pleasure and fun (away from technology and air conditioning)

Try a new vegan recipe once a week (I'm not a vegetarian... yet) 
I've been vegan/vegetarian for over a year months!

Cook and eat something I've never eaten before

Make a symbol for my life - something I can wear, carry, and/or place on the wall as a symbol of who I am

~ Repeat a mantra or affirmation daily (what I focus on expands...!)

Grow muscles so I can see them

Pay off a credit card completely (and continue to keep it paid off monthly)

Make one new investment

~ Create a new stream of continuing income

Find and develop a new friendship 

Memorize a new piece of music to play on my piano

Be in the moment for an entire day - listen only to my intuition

~ Choose a goal every day in happiness, health, and wealth and record the accomplishments. See what happens as a result at the end of September (90 days). 
Still doing this one!

Send me your Bucket List ideas to share. Dare to Create a Summer of FUN!


We expect a Labor Day follow-up, now, Hobby!
Anonymous said…
Have a picnic on a blanket......that's what I make sure I do every summer!

saw your name on Karen's link list for Where Bloggers Create....stop by to visit with me and have a peek at my home studio space sometime!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
Unknown said…
You have a fun list, which I think is KEY to make a bucket list a success. Have fun! ~Jill =)

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