Vision Boards are Visual Business Plans & Dream Maps

When I created this vision board, I combined some of my art, a digital mandala I crafted from the Blue Woman painting, a favorite print image, and several quotes that inspire me. I also added happiness, health, and wealth - I choose an action every day in each toward long term goals. I keep this image on my laptop screen as well as a print in my office at home and at work.

I created my first vision board over 6 years ago, and everything on the board, including some things I didn't purposely intend, have flowed into my life. My daughter posted on facebook yesterday that she is going to help my granddaughter create a vision board so they can both have one to put on their wall. Makes my heart happy. Can't wait to see what they come up with.


Patti said…
I just linked over from the WWC Facebook page. Wow!Somehow you just blogged about EXACTLY what I've been itching to do lately.. a vision board! Thanks for the inspiration!:)
Thank you for participating in the Vision Board Party! May your dreams continue to flow into your life.

I love hearing how Vision Boards have worked for others. So glad to hear your daughter will be joining you in the magic!

Love & Blessings,

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