Celebrate Your Tribe

We are each of us angels with only one wing and can only fly embracing each other. ~ Luciano de Crescenzo

Recently I have been very conscious of the people who I consider my "tribe" - my friends, family, and partner who surround me with their thoughts, support, guidance, and love. When I am away from them, I ponder their words and am grateful for their presence in my life. 

We are advised to surround ourselves with people who lift us up, who support us, possibility thinkers, the best folks we can find, those who believe in us. Having a "tribe", a circle of influence, a network of support is the new extended family. So, how's your tribe?

How do we nurture our tribe and allow our circle to nurture us? What can do to cultivate a closer and more meaningful relationship with those who are so important to us? How can we give to those we care so much for? Do we nurture our relationships as well as we could? When we so carefully choose our tribe, what are ways that we can deepen the trust, integrity, love, and commitment?

As a believer in ceremonies, I believe it is important to have celebrations within our circle. Of course holidays and birthdays are opportunities, but we should also bring ceremony into our lives in other ways. Sometimes asking for support, for comfort and strength when we are feeling low energy is difficult to find. Creating a circle of healing brings comfort to all of us, not only the one in need. Celebration of seasons, of remembering, of guidance can be strengthening to our circle. Recommitting to vows, acknowledging the importance of friendship, letting our soul mates know their influence is received with gratitude are reason to take time and share joy.

So how do we go about creating celebration? Simplicity is important because it can be more spontaneous and easy to create. A centering of thought can be enough. Finding a visual symbol or a group of visuals is helpful in creating a center. A scarf or fabric, a burning candle, flowers, meaningful objects, music and instruments bring a feeling of celebration. Reading a poem, a short story, scripture or quotes brings imagery and words to the ceremony. Music and rhythm round out a rich experience, whether listening or playing instruments in accompaniment.

State the purpose of the celebration and ask for wisdom and knowledge, bringing meaning and purpose to those participating. Ask for honesty and straightforward sharing. Ask for support and be willing to give support. There is no need to fix, but only to listen. Promise to be confidential and share trust. Celebrate the unique beauty and gifts that each one brings. Avoid holding back thoughts, words, and actions as they emerge.

This is a time for sharing what appears at the door of our awareness. Let this be an invitation to show up with compassion and power, fully honoring the feminine beauty, wisdom and strength that arrives. Be courageous in creating a way to strengthen each other in celebration, empowerment and trust. Celebrate your tribe!

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Mary C. Nasser said…
Wonderfully powerful sketchbook image and quote!

Happy Friday!!
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