Your Soul Juice for the Week: Live Your Passions!

Here's a video I created on Living Your Passions.  I bought a children's board book at Goodwill, came to my studio and pasted images and blank paper over the pages in the book and added some handwriting about following your passions. A little book to remind us that when we choose in favor of our passions, it becomes easier to do the things we love first, not last, or never. Whatever you give your attention grows stronger in your life. Be clear about what you want. Stay open to the messages that arrive. Have integrity - with yourself as well as others. Follow your heart. Be persistent. And make a commitment to what you are passionate about. First. That's the Soul Juice for today!


Kat said…
So interesting to computer was not allowing the pic to show up clearly which was a real pity as the book looks amazing and I wish I could have seen the details closer
Unknown said…
What a great idea and a great keepsake to look thru.
Cherie Lenore said…
What a fantastic idea!!!
I am putting this on my to do list.
Thanks for the inspiration!!
Mary C. Nasser said…
Wonderful and inspiring post!
Putting it on my to do list also!


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