Take Time to Celebrate - Your Self

In the next few weeks of 2011, I encourage you to take some time and write down your "wins" for the year. Look back through your calendars, journals, datebooks and write down your accomplishments from the past year. It will be a very revealing exercise in what you do that you don't acknowledge and celebrate about yourself in a busy life. Think about the many aspects of your life: health, work, family, home, finances, mental and spiritual.

Take a sheet of paper or a notebook and write them down. Meetings, trainings, workshops you've attended. New friends and business associates made, organizations joined, networking events attended, volunteer efforts in which you've participated.

Consider the small daily changes made to improve your health, habits, work life, relationships. Record the habits you've given up - smoking, unhealthy fat, too much sugar, excuses, procrastinations. Have you mended family issues, cared for someone who has been ill or injured?

Did you win an award, start an investment, raise or lower an interest rate? Did you learn a new technology and put it to use? Video, blog, social media? Learn to play an instrument or another language?

Next... Celebrate! Light a candle. Give yourself some time to reflect on the little things as well as the bigger wins. Applaud yourself, find an object or a quote that resonates with you and keep it visible to remind you that 2011 was a good year.

Check back here for my next post. Let's take these wins and make 2012 a year of doing what you love, winning in advance, creating a year of passion and accomplishment.


And, when you're done with this year- set up a system for next year, so you can see these accomplishments in real time. They will spur you on to larger and better goal setting.
Coleen said…
My goal this year is to minimize. Doing so that I might expand in other areas....like more time to create. Getting rid of a lot of "stuff."
Just stopping by for a visit.
Happy 2012,
Coleen in Ukraine

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