Creative Mindfulness and a Giveaway

For the past couple of days, I've been doing a little bit of everything I want to do all year. My mom instilled in me years ago that ritual as well as cooking New Year foods for good luck

On New Years Eve, I had an interesting conversation with a new friend who had invited us to their home to celebrate. We chatted about decorating their home and the conversation turned to Feng Shui and how she had used some techniques to bring more good fortune into their space. It struck me that the rituals we perform, whether practicing Feng Shui, repeating mantras, daily prayer & meditation, (insert your favorite ritual here) are a practice in training our minds to keep our greatest desires in the forefront of our minds. 

I created a journal page that says "What You FOCUS on Expands" ~ and sharing that one thought helped a friend integrate music into his life to the point that he is now on the road with a band and living his dream... when at the time, he was a full time graphic designer just wanting that to happen. 

So yesterday and today, I've spread my art supplies, computer & iPad, blogging ideas, and notes on 2012 goals on my kitchen table and reveled in the possibilities for this new year. The past year has been an interesting one, full of difficult and painful life lessons as well as blessings and good fortune. I don't like to make resolutions because I am better at ignoring & avoiding them than I am at achieving them. So this year, I have spread my calendar out and created a time line of activities, days off, travel plans, and celebrations that I desire in the next months of 2012. Although I can't predict health, wealth, and happiness, I can surely plan on it. Each day I am committed to taking one action in each of those categories. In the larger picture, I have goals and plans on a larger scale and I'm creating the environments to make those happen so I don't have to rely on my will power as much as taking small steps and daily actions.

Heeding Mom's advice, I spent yesterday doing small actions that I intend for the entire year 
• Created some art
• Connected with my family & friends
• Did some reading
• Took a nap
• Organized & donated good useable items
• Made notes for future blogging ideas
• Kissed my sweetheart
• Movement, stretching, exercise
• Gratitude Journal
• Made some yummy food 
  - peas for good luck & good fortune (beans represent coins & the accumulation of wealth)
  - collards (color of money, wealth & economic prosperity)
  - corn bread in a round pan representing a circle (round & gold)
  - pork (representing progress & prosperity in the coming year, as pigs keep their feet planted and root forward) what can I say...I grew up on a pig farm.  
• Listened to and played some music
• Slept for 8 hours

It has been important to me to be mindful of my actions in the past 48 hours... I intend to make these activities a part of my daily, weekly, monthly practices. Finding items to place in the proper areas of my home will keep me focused on what I want to expand in my life. Keeping affirmations and mantras on my wallpaper & screen savers as well as vision boards and art journals will keep me inspired to continue following my passions. Writing in my Gratitude Journal, volunteering, giving blood, and tithing. I look forward to honoring myself with actions for self care by keeping in touch with my family & friends, time off, travel and renewal in the outdoors.

I also look forward to connecting with new and recent friends here on the blog. I would love for you to share your rituals, plans, goals, and inspirations for 2012 here. If you leave a comment here by Friday (Jan 6th, 2012), I'll choose a random name to receive my Creative Soul Juice Coloring Book of inspiring quotes & coloring pages. Good luck to All and I look forward to hearing from you! ~Hobby


Jack V Sage said…
We removed everything from our room that was from last year or that had emotional ties, so that we could go into the new year with a clean slate.

Our walls await new art and the room definitely has an anticipatory feeling.
Coleen said…
Hi Hobby,

Looks like you are off to a great start for 2012. I like some of your ideas here. I"m following and hope you'll come check out my blog and follow as well. That way we can keep track of each other. I"m an American living in Ukraine. I do art and I teach art.
Happy New Year,
Marianne Soucy said…
Nice post.I like the reminder of "what you focus on expands". And your mentioning of setting goals and your creative plans inspire me to focus more on (even plan, maybe) some creative efforts. Taking time to creative work and art tends to drown at times in the busy everyday life. Thanks for the inspiration.
Unknown said…
You've inspired me to finally get my 2012 resolutions written down on this last day in January. One of them is to get my own blog up and running.

I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity continue to expand. Every time I read your blog I feel like I'm talking to you. Can't wait to move back to VA and hang out!
Glenny Moir said…
And, well speaking of giveaways... this must be karma! Because you are the winner of the Cathy Taylor blog hop post!! Please send your name and address to and we'll get your prize on its way.

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