A Ceremony of Release and Renewal

I recently visited my incredibly inspiring friend Karen and relished in the sweet respite of her back porch. This is a magical place where women gather to eat, drink and be merry, share secrets, release frustrations, and conspire to create. We conjure solutions to our problems and share in the comradery of the wisdom of women. There are sparkly lights to illuminate our evenings, pink flamingoes perched in corners, tinkling wires & jewels that swing in the breeze. Karen’s art hangs on the wall as well as huge, comfy, cushy wicker furniture where we curl up and relax. We gathered on the porch with shrimp, hummus, fruit and veggies for our fare.

The Summer Solstice and Full Moon inspired us to think about letting go of some old resentments and regrets as well as renewing commitments and dreams. Karen provided strips of colorful paper and pens. During the afternoon we wrote whenever something came to mind –letting go of resentments, joys to celebrate, a renewing of energy in some aspect of our life.

After dark, the moon appeared amongst the clouds and we moved outside to celebrate with La Luna. Colorful scarves waved in the wind as we danced and laughed in the moonlight. Our ceremony began with envisioning white light flowing through our body, filling us from head to fingertips and down to our toes. We expressed gratitude for our many blessings. Requests were made for energy to accomplish the tasks set before us in the coming days, weeks, and months. Around a fire bowl, each of our releases were carefully rolled and lit with a flame, allowing them to burn and dissolve into ashes. Our new dreams, goals and desires were also brought to the fire to burn and float up into the dark sky.  A simple ceremony of sisters sending up hopes and wishes, bathed in the light of the Man in the Moon.
What ceremonies have you celebrated recently? In the spirit of preparing for the birthday of America this week, what accomplishments come to mind that you may want to acknowledge?
A simple ceremony of being in the moment, speaking a release and expressing a gratitude can be enough.

Find some strips of paper and write down your thoughts.  
  • Are there negative feelings and resentments that you need to release?
  • Dreams you may want to revisit?
  • Joys and gratitudes to express?
  • People you need to forgive, or forgive yourself?
  • A walk to a favorite spot or a hike to the top of a hill can provide a moment to ponder.
  • Take the time to sit outside and watch the planets and stars to come out at dusk, speaking your truths as each new point of light appears.
  • Find a safe place to burn your strips of paper outside. Allow your releases to burn to ash. Let your renewals float up into the air.

    Please share your ideas for celebrations, renewals, and releases in the comments below.


Gena Livings said…
I love this! What a wonderful gathering of women celebrating and bringing forth renewal. Reminds me of Shakti feminine power as you bring in gratitude, renew your energies and let life fill your cup with blissful expression. Beautiful!!
Susan Levy said…
This is a wonderful reminder. Sometime full moons come and go and we forget that we can release what holds us back. We forget our dreams and our goals. I have a wonderful ceramic bowl full of dreams, I think it is time to pull those out and revisit them. Thank you!
Jeanine Byers said…
Sounds like a wonderful experience! I had a great solstice and full moon experience, too.

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