Art Prompt - Letting Go

Letting Go
This Art Prompt is to encourage you to let go of some of the things which are bringing you down, holding you back, and keeping you in a comfort zone where growth does not occur.

Letting go can be painful or it can be very freeing. I learned a technique from The Sedona Method that helps me to practice the Art of Letting Go.

Hold a pen in your hand and imagine whatever you need to let go as the pen. Drop it. When it falls, ask yourself these questions.

Can I let it go?
Will I let it go?

Each time you ask yourself these questions, no matter what the answer, you are allowing yourself to imagine letting go of whatever is you are holding. It can be a habit, a belief, a fear, possessions, a relationship, or any number of things that keep you in a pattern of negative energy.

So Let Go. Practice letting go as part of a daily or weekly routine. See what happens when you free the space and enjoy the freedom.

The image of Letting Go above is a place to write what you have let go. You can write your releases in the flames of her hair and see them go up in flames. As you let go of more and more, you can refer back to what you have made room for in your life and being aware of how much you carried with you that is now open to new experiences, people, and time.

If you would like me to send you a pdf of the image "Letting Go", comment with your facebook or blog link and I'll send it along.

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Unknown said…
I'll work on my Let It Go list and add it to your image. This is a great exercise! I'll post the PDF soon
Unknown said…
Very powerful imagery. Great post.

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