Grandma Camp - Where The Fun Never Ends

Grandma Camp wouldn't be complete
without playing dress up
What a blessing to be a grandmother. Its the icing on the cake after having great children. So what does a grandma do when the Littles show up? Why Grandma Camp of course! 

Cooling the gingerbread cookies
I first learned about the concept from the President of the company where I work. She has the Grands for a week and, with another friend who is also a grandmother, takes them to the beach and has all sorts of activities planned for them. She collected the photos and artwork from the most recent camp and asked me to assemble them into booklets for each of the grandchildren to keep as a memento of each year. (I'm a graphic designer so I get to do fun things like this from time to time) 

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Breakfast of Champions
So, I began to make a list of things I can do for Grandma Camp when my Sweet Pea shows up. I assembled a number of books and games on a special book shelf for her. I love to poke around thrift stores and buy lots of books, beads, craft supplies, and interesting objects to have on hand. I gave her a box full of art supplies for Christmas which we keep at my house just for projects we do together. 

Rock Climbing at OAP
with Uncle Joey
I also turned her on to yard sales. It took her all of 5 minutes to realize what a Grandmother Goldmine those are. With ten bucks in her little fist, we are a team of treasure seekers on the hunt for Cool Stuff.  We found a complete new set of Christmas movies and spent the entire July afternoon watching them. All part of the Grandma Camp experience.

Balloon fingers on
 the mini trampoline
The most recent camp session involved painting rocks and metal dragonflies we found in an old pot at a yard sale. We read books, listened to music, and made chocolate chip pancakes, which is an absolute Must-Do event each time we get together (as is Annie Bunny macaroni). If I am out of chocolate chips, its a big FAIL. I've had to check for M&Ms under the couch cushions to redeem myself. 

iPad photos before bed
Since this is a major event of epidemic proportions, I have created a Pinterest board just for Grandma Camp. I continue to search for fun camp activities, but the most important thing is to have fun, spend time together and make memories. 

Oh, and yes, I am the coolest Grandmother EVER.

Grandma Camp Art


This is so cute! My mom used to have our kids every Tuesday but she never called it Grandma Camp. I'm going to mention this to her.
Unknown said…
Can't wait to have my own grandkids to have Grandma camp. In the meantime I'll borrow nieces, nephews and other peoples kids!

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