The Magic Blackboard

Two of my favorite fun things are thrift stores and Pinterest. They make an awesome combination. Creativity plus the search for the inexpensive and unusual make a great adventure. (I consider Pinterest my magazine subscription replacement therapy - no more magazines to collect and throw out). 

The Magic Blackboard is one of my best scores in both departments. I have seen many blackboard pins and was looking for that perfect frame while snooping around in the bins at the local Goodwill. I found this lovely piece with great faux painting (no glass) embossed on the background. Yes! 

Back home I painted the background with several coats of blackboard paint and voila! A new blackboard for motivational quotes in my kitchen. 

Not to stop there. More searching on future trips helped me to find yet another great piece to use as a smaller blackboard for food shopping lists and decor in the kitchen. So here is another, this time a checkerboard plank that I covered over with another few coats of the same paint. 

So stop by Pinterest boards and check out what may be my next art project. Would love to see yours too.


Anonymous said…
Wow--you are good! Who knew it could be spruced up and so pretty. Thanks again for sharing another great tip and resource
Unknown said…
How clever! My daughter used some of the magnetic paint in her old office, but I have also seen the blackboard paint! I love the idea for the blackboard for inspirational quotes.
Michelle Liew said…
Oh yes, Pinterest, Art and Photography go hand in hand! Thanks for sharing! And this is an extremely creative idea!
Stacy said…
I love Pinterest, though I admit most of my tries have been food related so far.

Chincoteague was perfect as usual, by the way. This was our fourth time and first without kids.
Holly Jahangiri said…
Magnetic paint and blackboard paint are new to me; I've always wanted to paint a room with whiteboard paint, but you have to sand down textured walls to do it... nope. ;)

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