Your Sacred Space to Create

Do you have a place to create? A room to dream? A space for thinking, writing, sketching, sewing, tinkering? Everyone needs a place of their own for contemplation and creation.

If you have such a space, honor it by keeping it organized and decluttered. I know, I know... chaos precedes creation. But chaos can also kill creativity or get us "stuck" in a place where we don't know how to move forward.

You can honor your creative corner by taking a moment (15 minutes!) to quietly sit and absorb the energy. Express gratitude and let the moment sink in before you begin your sacred work. Take a few minutes to throw away unnecessary papers, trash, and clutter. Organize your desktop or workspace and clear an open area for your work. Breathe in and express thanks for your talent, your energy. Simply acknowledging those things is often enough to allow your mind to open and allow the images, words, and actions flow.

If you don't have a sacred space, then choose a place in your home to designate as an area for your inner artist, writer, dancer, imagination to emerge... a small table, lapdesk, dining room, garage, or your even your bed. Keep your writing, illustrating & reading supplies in a drawer, box, or satchel so you don't have to search for them. Plan a time on your calendar to use your studio space. Honor your commitment to create. Let your family and friends know you are not to be interrupted during that time.

Here are some images of my studio space. My beloved library of books, art supplies, jewelry findings, maps, work table, sewing machine, easel, and journals. I endeavor to spend time here as often as possible. It's a room with a view of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, a door to my deck, and a comfy couch for reading and dreaming.

Share your space with me in the comments. And make sure to bring your Creative Soul Juice!


Anonymous said…
I have studio envy!
Unknown said…
What a lovely space! I can feel the creative and calming energy in your room. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I've just moved into a new home, so I'm working on creating my own space just for me. It's a work in progress... :)
Thanks Gretchen and Stefani for your comments. The studio has been a long time coming and I have plans to make it even more bohemian comfy.

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