All Things In Good Time

A new painting is being born... again. I started this months ago for my daughter. She was going through a very difficult time and I felt the need to paint something to give her encouragement and support. I bought this painted canvas from a local thrift store since it was the right size I wanted to work with. 

I started by writing as many positive and affirming statements as the canvas would hold in permanent markers. I especially like Florence Scovel Shinn's declarations, so I used many of those in the first layer. I wanted the energy of good, strong, powerful words to live on the wall in her home and be a source of comfort and strength when she is feeling stressed and vulnerable. Although that layer of words is no longer visible, they are there as a protective layer of Source. 

A layer of black gesso was applied to cover the affirmations and lay a base for the pigments of color to follow. I have been preparing this painting in my mind for a long while. I've studied the work of Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo who painted intuitively and in layers of color applied one after the other, revealing underpainting as each layer is applied. I resonate with that style of painting and wanted to create a work of art with many layers, symbolizing the growth that happens when we struggle through difficulties.

It has taken me quite a while to work up to this point, the beginning after the beginning, but I've learned that it is a process to create from thought to actualization and tangibly creating art. This continues to be a work in progress, and as with most hard work, all good things take time. 

So this is where I am at this point. Feeling good about what is happening here and looking forward to more painting and good energy. 


SteveSpencer824 said…
Beautiful picture, I love the idea! Wish I had the artistic talent to pull something like that off!
Kathy Hadley said…


Plus, we both mentioned Florence Scovel Shinn in our posts today.

I love your creative process.

Keep up the great work!


Love seeing the creative process unfold, flow, make manifest!

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