Create a Board Book: Finding Your Passion

A board book is a fun and creative way to repurpose a children's board book with art journaling techniques. I like to use them to keep quotes and affirmations close by. 

After reading The Passion Testby Janet Attwood & Chris Attwood, I wanted to find a way to easily read and meditate on some of the key points in the book. I found some board books at a thrift store and this particular one with cascading pages caught my eye. 

In the book I wanted to collage the seven keys to life purpose: attention, clarity, staying open, integrity, following your heart, persistence, and commitment to be the main words of each page, with a short description of each term.

Stay Open

To start, I prepped each page and the covers with gesso and let them dry completely. I chose a few favorite magazine images and origami papers to collage onto each of the pages of the book and added a medium weight white drawing paper as space for the words. 

Follow Your Heart
I wrote each of the life purpose terms on a page and began drawing lines which would be a design element on each of the pages. I used a number of colored Prisma markers for the lettering. The finishing touch was a coat of Liquitex matte medium to seal, drying between pages so they wouldn't stick together.  

Now I have a small book to read when I need to refocus and be mindful of fully living a passion filled life. 

What are your creative soul juices feeding your life today?


Nancy Kay said…
I love the way you put these together with such thoughtful touches. I saw Janet Atwood speak last year and appreciate the ideas she shared about how to live life with energy and purpose.
Katrina said…
Wow! Now that is extremely creative. I love what you did and I love the inspirational part.
Live life with energy and purpose. Beautiful!
Carolyn M said…
It's been so long since I've done one of those books but I think I will make one for the Swag I need to gather for a Book Tour for the Bloggers doing the Reviews! So glad I was behind you on UBC and now I have more creative juices flowing for that Swag! I've been scrap booking and making cards since last week. I need to make some more!
Unknown said…
This would also be a great way to write a birthday card for someone!

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