What is Creative Soul Juice and The Challenge of a Blog

Creative Soul Juice began as a newsletter and eventually grew a into blog as a greater way to share the projects I use as a coach and art instructor with my readers. I enjoy sharing creative ways to create a vision, reach inside and explore the dark and tangled corners as well as the light and energy that seeps through the cracks. Small daily creative actions over time allow us to think and ponder, as the lines, forms, colors and shapes dance across the pages of our imagination. I share my art with my readers and hope it inspires and brings some light into your days and evenings. 

The message I want to share with you is that you don't have to define yourself as an artist to enjoy being creative and experience the growth and awarenss that working with pens, pencils, paint and brushes brings to our daily routines. I find that art, music, dance, and words gives each of us an opportunity to explore what we are inside and perhaps see ourselves from a different perspective. Business plans don't have to be in Excel, goals and dreams don't have to be written in words alone, and movement can engage us in our surroundings, allowing us to open and grow. Although I work mostly with women, anyone can respond to these creative prompts and may find alternative solutions to issues and problems that an analytical approach often does not provide.  

The Creative Soul Juice blog is about working with creative prompts and art journaling to remind us of our goals, forge a plan for business or a change in direction with our life - be it moving from college to a full time career, transition from parenting to a new business, or moving toward a healthier, more expanded lifestyle. Drawing, coloring, collage and painting can be ways to use your right brain, abstract imagination to explore new thought patterns that resonate more with your true instincts and talents, showing you inspiring, challenging ideas for growth and expansion. 

Blog challenges are a way to share these thoughts, ideas, projects and art with other folks who may have not considered art as a solution to business planning, goal setting and problem solving. 

My goal in meeting this challenge is to engage more people in expressive art projects, consider art coaching and creativity to find more ways to accomplish what they want in their work and leisure time. I hope you read my posts and challenge you to try some of the art prompts and journaling ideas I'll be sharing. 


Rachelle said…
Some of the ideas you brought up here remind me of "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I wonder if you have ever read that. If not, I think you would like it.

Unknown said…
Thanks for this. I have to be creative in my daily routine and am always looking for images that are appealing to they eye. Maybe I should try to draw some. :)
Sophie Bowns said…
I love your creative, quirky ideas! You are very imaginative!
Anonymous said…
I love your imaginative designs. You have such a flair!
Unknown said…
Everyone has creativity inside. You help it come out!

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