The Zen of Doodle

There is a peacefulness and calm about making lines, shapes, letters, and dots. Music in the background, a stream of thought, the texture of the paper, flow of the pen... and the joy of imagining. 

A piece of paper and a pen. 

Blissful simplicity. 


Anonymous said…
I love zentangles. So peaceful and creative. Wonderful post.
Peggy said…
beautiful doodles! Very peaceful and creative!

Peggy (from UBC)

Peggy Nolan
Anonymous said…
This looks like fun and looks intricate
Rajlakshmi said…
very creative and beautiful :)
This is the one thing I miss by taking notes on a tablet or computer. The endless doodling...
I guess my mental acuity and attention is maintained now by stealing scrabble moments while notetaking (the game is on all my devices...)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I have a similar experience when I color in pre-printed mandalas... it frees me from my "I don't draw well" hangups and allows me to just enjoy the moment and be creative just in choosing what colors to use where.
Unknown said…
great pages. I think it is neat how you can feel the interaction of different brands of pens with different papers.
Coloring is such a soothing activity.
True - the paper is part of the process as well as the pens.
Unknown said…
Beautiful doodles, so lovely and detailed!
Unknown said…
It's so calming to doodle and think of nothing but line
Unknown said…
I popped in from Effy's blog-along, and am peeping through your blog. These are really awesome. I pinned them to my Zentagled/Doodlicious board. (kimmiesroom) Looking foward to following you. (((HUGS)))

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