Doodles. Daydreams. Distractions. Oh My!

Lately I've been obsessed with doodling and now I know why. According to a CNN article on the subject, "doodling aids concentration by reducing an individual's capacity to daydream whether in the workplace or the classroom. The doodlers in the study retained about 29% more information than non-doodlers." 

The busy holiday season is upon us, and the To Do lists seem to grow daily. With so many tasks to organize and plans for the season, I find it necessary to doodle as a way to relieve stress and focus more easily. 

Focus? Concentrate? While doodling? Why, yes. 

By making marks and using a right brain approach to problem solving, I've found a way to reduce the distraction of so many tasks and see them from a different perspective. In the article, Sunni Brown says, "By physically drawing shapes, images and letters, we are inviting our minds to slow down and to focus on that experience."

So I've found a creative way to increase my concentration and retention, and feed my soul with beautiful images. When I need to collect my thoughts, I make a 3" by 3" square or find a sticky note, and take a few minutes to draw some lines, circles, triangles and make patterns in black and white ink. It slows down my mind, helps me focus, and I'm ready to get back to the task at hand. 

I encourage you to share your doodles here and see what you come up with! 

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Unknown said…
What a happy image! I can tell it put you in a good mood!

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