Cruising By The Art Murals in RVA

This past weekend I spent a day in Richmond VA, hanging out with my son. We always enjoy finding an adventure so he suggested we cruise around and look for the Richmond Mural Project that artists have been commissioned to paint on buildings in the area. I was totally amazed at these works of art, both gigantic as well as the imaginative and brilliant colors these masters created.

We took some shots of our favorites, but I encourage you to get one of the brochures by RVA magazine (you can find them in local shops and stores with other free local publications) and do your own tour when you are in the capital city of VA.

And if you'd like to contribute to this year's project so more artists can participate, here's a link: RVA Magazine - Richmond Mural Project

RVA art mural Richmond VA
A tribute to the capital city

A humorous reference to the James River at the canal incorporating the local flora.

A sensual and provocative favorite off Cary Street.

Dude, it's a purple camel.

Some luscious fruit in a parking lot.

Bees on unicycles.

Fat Panda. My favorites.

More Fat Pandas.


Amy Bovaird said…
Murals are interesting! You chose a great subject to write about! They're permitted to have their unique style and wos! Such diversity! Once I was taking some photos of a mural in El Salvador, and after I took them, some of the guards took them out of my camera and exposed the negatives! :(
Unknown said…
Love those murals! I find murals on the sides of the buildings are so much fun. I admire how artists can tackle such large paintings and do so well with them. Thanks for sharing these ones with us.
Ken Weliever said…
Very cool, pics! Thanks for sharing!

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