Earthing: Key Benefits of Being In Touch with the Earth

If you have never heard of the term Earthing, you may be surprised that you do it every day and are unaware of it. Once you hear of the benefits, you may want to spend more time doing it and find that your life is more peaceful and that you are more "grounded. "

Earthing, or grounding, is a term used to describe our connection with nature and the elements of water, sun, rocks, grass, fire, animals and anything that is a product of nature. By taking some time each day to walk barefoot in the grass, dance in the rain, step in a stream rock bed, or let sand sift through your fingers, you are experiencing Earthing. 

What you may not be aware of are the benefits of Earthing. When your feet connect with the Earth, energy is conducted through your body and responds to the stimulus.  Your body receives energy which can decrease inflammation,  increases blood flow, reduces the effects from free radicals, ease the pain from muscle soreness, and hastens the repair of tissue damage. 

A simple practice of walking barefoot in the grass can be quite beneficial to your health. By wearing shoes made from plastics and man made products, we lose the connection to the Earth and lessen the health benefits of being grounded. By removing the barrier between Earth and our feet, we encourage the energy which conducts from the ground to our bodies. 

In a recent newsletter from Dr. Laura Koniver, she shares a poem by Tricia Sybersma entitled, Gifts. The poem reads: 

Let me …

Let me be the ground beneath your feet

Let me comfort you on my soft grasses

Let me relax you on my white sands

Let me refresh you in my cool clear waters

Let me cool you under the leaves of my trees

Let me fill your eyes with the colours of my rainbows

Let me fill your ears with the songs of my birds

Let me fill your nose with the essences of my blossoms

Let me cleanse you with my rain

Let me renew you with my storms

Let me warm you with my fire

Let me feed your body from my soil

Let me quench your thirst from my streams

Let me give you companionship with my animals

Let me be your teacher in all things big and small

Let me give you the secrets of the Universe

Let me give you healing with a simple touch

Let me give you …love

                                   ~ the Earth

You can find two movies on Earthing at the following links: 

The Grounded” and “The Grounded 2

But if you just want to give yourself a jolt of good earth energy, just go outside, take your shoes off, and wiggle your toes in the grass. 


Jeanine Byers said…
Beautiful poem! And I have heard of Earthing. I've even considered buying an earthing mat. I do use grounding techniques, but mine usually involve crystals and/or meditation.
Unknown said…
That was really nice. I have not heard of earthing before. That was very interesting. I am going to watch the movies. I did not know that about the energy. I love walking in the grass but am a little skeptical because bugs like to nibble at my toes. But I guess I should try it more often.
Hey Hobby

I ENJOY walking barefoot

I am from India, and some South Indians walk miles in extremely hot weathers because they believe in its healing power.

BUT I did NOT know that this connection is referred to as 'earthing' - thank you for introducing us to such a WONDERFUL concept.

BTW, that poem made me go teary-eyed with joyed. I am now following you on Pinterest AND have also shared this post on my Timeline. I would LOVE to be your FB Friend, if you will let me.

Henry Schultz said…
What a lovely poem! Tricia's words sound super grounded and natural. Don't you just love how earthing drains you of stress? It's not an extremely extravagant activity, but its benefits are off the hook. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

Henry Schultz @ What is Earthing?

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