How Creativity Can Inspire Your Day

Do you find yourself with a lack of inspiration on these hot, summer days? Or anytime during other days of the year? Need a pick-me-up? 

Marelisa Fabrega has a great blog that I read on a weekly basis and her recent post, 14 Ways to Be Uber Creative, has some great tips for finding creative inspiration for your day. 

• Follow Andy Warhol’s Lead. Take a “known” image, and turn it into something new and fresh. Remember the Campbell's Soup Cans of Warhol fame?  Hearts, bridges, mountain scenes, clowns... what stirs your brain when you see it? Cut out or print a series of images that speaks to you when you see them. 

• Collect Stuff That Catches Your Eye. Along the same lines, objects that inspires you and either create a collection or assemble a group that tweaks your mind. A friend of mine used to keep his collection of Bat Mobiles at his computer which inspired him as a graphic designer. 

• Make Time to Be Creative. If you don't plan it, it won't happen. Schedule 15 minutes during your day to doodle on a sticky note, dance to your favorite song, or work on a brain game. Do something out of the ordinary to switch your left brain to right brain mode and get your Creative Soul Juices flowing! 

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Karen Richards said…
So true! 15 minutes is all it takes. And it's so refreshing to be creative!

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