Celebrations and Wins from the Past Year

Before I get too far in to the New Year, I make sure I take a look back at the past year and celebrate the accomplishments, the people and remember the events that shaped the past year. 

This was an idea I learned from Coach Laura West and Center for Joyful Business. I took a stack of multi-colored sticky notes and cut them into petal shapes, writing an accomplishment, the name of someone who impacted my life, names of those for who I am grateful, and events that I experienced throughout 2014. 

This past year was a year of letting go and receiving, dancing to great music, painting & collage, art journaling and travel. I wrote each one, remembering what transpired, how the time was spent, and the feelings and emotions each brought to my life. I also spent a moment in gratitude for each one. 

This will become a page in my art journal and lead me into the new year with an appreciation for what has been. 

I welcome you to take some time to write down your accomplishments from 2014 and express your gratitude for each of them. 


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Neeci said…
It's always a great idea to reflect on the past year to get some clarity and know what improvements need to be made for the new year. Keeps you geared up to move forward.
This definitely keeps me geared up for the next few months... and keeps me aware of recording these events, people, and places for this year. Thanks!
Nicole said…
I love this idea! :) Your sticky-note flower is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Love the colors too! When do we collage our 2015 word together?
Great post using "sticky notes " collecting our taught's and looking back helps to celebrate our milestone.
Nadya said…
This is such a great way to record and celebrate those «treasures»

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